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Whenever the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure apply to family matters, the use of the words plaintiff, defendant, and complaint within the context of the civil rules shall be interchangeable, where appropriate, with the words, petitioner, respondent, and petition, respectively.

Any document filed pursuant to any proceeding under Chapter 63, Florida Statutes, which may be relied upon by the court to terminate parental rights, including consent for adoption or affidavit of nonpaternity, shall be exempt from the requirements of Rule of Judicial Administration 2.525(c).

These rules shall apply to all family law cases effective January 1, 1996.

Any action taken in a family law case before January 1, 1996, that conformed to the then-effective rules or statutes governing family law cases, will be regarded as valid during the pendency of the litigation.

An adult interdependent relationship ends when there is a separation of one year, or one of the parties marries or enters into a new adult interdependent relationship.

So, there is no automatic right to property division when a common law relationship ends.

"Family matters," "family law matters," or "family law cases" as used within these rules include, but are not limited to, matters arising from dissolution of marriage, annulment, support unconnected with dissolution of marriage, paternity, child support, an action involving a parenting plan for a minor child or children (except as otherwise provided by the Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure), proceedings for temporary or concurrent custody of minor children by extended family, adoption, proceedings for emancipation of a minor, declaratory judgment actions related to premarital, marital, or post-marital agreements (except as otherwise provided, when applicable, by the Florida Probate Rules), injunctions for protection against domestic, repeat, dating, and sexual violence, and stalking, and all proceedings for modification, enforcement, and civil contempt of these actions.(2) The form, content, procedure, and time for pleading in all special statutory proceedings shall be as prescribed by the statutes governing the proceeding unless these rules or the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, where applicable, specifically provide to the contrary. These forms shall be designated "Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Forms." Forms coming under this provision are: All additional Supreme Court approved forms shall be adopted by opinion of the Supreme Court of Florida and outside of the rulemaking procedures required by rule 2.140.Common Law Alberta As in all other provinces, couples living common law in Alberta have similar, but not the same, rights as married couples. Property Rights When a marriage ends, property division in Alberta is governed by the Matrimonial Property Act.Adult Interdependent Relationship In Alberta, common law couples are legally known as adult interdependent partners and are in an adult interdependent relationship. There are basically three ways you can become adult interdependent partners: 1. This act only applies to married couples, not common law couples.When a married person dies in Alberta, the Dower Act gives that person’s spouse a dower interest in the home they live in (homestead).A dower interest means that the surviving spouse can live there for the rest of their lives. Cohabitation Agreement If you don’t like how the law treats common law partners in Alberta, you and your partner can enter into a cohabitation agreement that sets out your rights and obligations towards each other.

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