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Barreiro, S., Schelhaas, M., Kändler, G., Fernández, C. Overview of methods and tools for evaluating future woody biomass availability in European countries. doi: 10.1007/s13595-016-0564-3 dating kultur i spania Key Message. The business-as-usual scenario shows a slight increase in national harvest levels and a decrease in carbon sequestration in living trees over the next decade.

A., Colin, A., Bontemps, J., Alberdi, I., Condés, S., Dumitru, M., Ferezliev, A., Fischer, C., Gasparini, P., Gschwantner, T., Kindermann, G., Kjartansson, B., Kovácsevics, P., Kucera, M., Lundström, A., Marin, G., Mozgeris, G., Nord-Larsen, T., Packalen, T., Redmond, J., Sacchelli, S., Sims, A., Snorrason, A., Stoyanov, N., Thürig, E. This analysis of the tools and methods currently in use for reporting woody biomass availability in 21 European countries has shown that most countries use, or are developing, National Forest Inventory-oriented models whereas the others use standwise forest inventory--oriented methods. Knowledge of realistic and sustainable wood availability in Europe is highly relevant to define climate change mitigation strategies at national and European level, to support the development of realistic targets for increased use of renewable energy sources and of industry wood.

Higher stocks were found when applying plot-level input compared to country-level input and when long-term climate was used as compared to annual or 5-year mean values. If the model-related variability is to be decreased, the focus should be on the tree fractions of living branches as well as stump and roots. Forecasts of the harvest activity have traditionally relied on the assumption that harvest is carried out according to forest management guidelines or to maximize forest value. Book of abstracts for the conference in Stjørdal, Norway, September 6-8, 2011, Norsk institutt for skog og landskap.

A national level estimate for soil carbon change was similar across spatial scales, but was considerably (60–70%) lower when applying annual or 5-year mean climate compared to long-term mean climate reflecting the recent climatic changes in Norway. However, these rules are, in practice, seldom applied systematically, which may result in large discrepancies between predicted and actual harvest in short-term forecasts. Modeling the effects of initial spacing on stand basal area development of loblolly pine. doi: 10.5849/forsci.10-074 Granhus, A., Hanssen, K.

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The models presented can be valuable for evaluating the effect of climate change scenarios in Norwegian forests. Here, we explored the effects of temporal and spatial aggregation of climatic and litter input data on regional estimates of soil organic carbon stocks and changes for upland forests. The larger influence on the stock change resulted from the large influence of harvests on the stock change, although harvests were observed rarely on the NFI sample plots in the 5-year period that was considered.

We used the soil carbon and decomposition model Yasso07 with input from the Norwegian National Forest Inventory (11275 plots, 1960–2012). Estimating and reporting soil carbon dynamics in northern forests (Lecture). online dating i stoke-on-trent jødiske single dating-nettsteder dating kultur i madrid søk alle dating-nettsteder for personen dating i de mørke varme scenene fordeler og ulemper av dating en irsk kvinne dating online byrå gratis kundli kampoppsett Bright, R., Cherubini, F., Astrup, R., Fernández, C. In addition, the temporal correlation between model residuals due to changes in the allometry had considerable influence on the model-related variability of the biomass stock change estimate. Empirical harvest models and their use in regional business-as-usual scenarios of timber supply and carbon stock development.

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The models are constructed using data from the Norwegian National Forest Inventory and climate data from the Norwegian meteorological institute. Instead, models are used to predict those variables from measurements of other field variables.

Site index was modeled using the potential modifier functional form, with a potential component (POT) depending on site quality classes and two modifier components (MOD): temperature and moisture. Therefore, the uncertainty or variability of NFI estimates results not only from selecting a sample of the population but also from uncertainties in the models used to predict the variables of interest.

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